Car Removal Services that Will Yield you More Money

Welcome to Here at our junkyard, we buy all sorts of vehicles and cars that customers bring to us. We usually check and examine the vehicle before we could offer you a price. Brisbane Car Wreckers have been in this wrecking business for almost a decade now and have had many happy customers all these years. The numbers keep growing every year.

It is really easy to get rid of your car or unwanted scrap metal for some cash. You can sell your car during the Christmas season. This will help you make some money out of it.  We offer up to $10,000 for each car. So now you can go buy a new car instead.

Examining the condition of your car and lay out an assessment

Once we tow the car, we deliver it to our junkyard and do a little inspection. We pay you good money for your car, no matter what condition it is in. you could bring it in any condition and we will purchase it from you. It’s as simple as that! No trickery involved. Once we purchase a car from a customer, we assess the condition of the car. We check things like manufacturing date, make of the car, model type, year of the model and the condition that the car is in.  All you have to do is give us a call at the number provided on our website and we will tow your car for free. There are no hidden charges as well.

Recycling your car for more money

Recycling your car will yield you more money. Now Old Car Removals are as easy as it gets. We have huge tow trucks that can bear any vehicle. They are sent to the junkyard so that they can be recycled. This will provide you with a lump sum amount rather than selling it to any other individual

We make you an offer by selling auto parts at discounted prices. Brisbane Car Removals also have a customer service to help our customers with various issues and queries after sales. We buy old cars, cars in poor condition, cars that have the high maintenance cost and many such reasons otherwise.

How to reach us?

We have a website of our own. You can also call us on 07 3082 6447. We are open from Monday to Friday from 8 am till 06 pm Alternatively you could ask us for a free quote by filling in the inquiry form on our website.

We accept all brands including Nissan, Subaru, Jaguar, BMW, Mitsubishi, Toyota, and many others. If you need more assurance, read our customer testimonials and see what customers have to say about us.

We have a whole bunch of dedicated staff with almost 20 years of experience in this field. We will never let you down. You can truly rely on us.

We like to offer you some cash for selling your car to us. Our towing service and car removals are very robust and impeccable that helps transfer any vehicle from your home to our junkyard. We at Auto Wrecker services will provide you with the best.

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